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DAM for Education

Institution-wide communication

Institution-wide communication

The tools in Mediagraph serve the needs of educational institutions of all sizes. We provide a highly flexible media library service that can adapt to your size and scope seamlessly. In addition, we have several innovations that can help Educational Institutions communicate more effectively.

Flexible libraries for group access

When you are communicating with a big organization, it’s essential to make the right content easy for everyone to find. Our configurable Libraries allow you to organize your files in ways your stakeholders understand. You can build hierarchies of collections that can be navigated very intuitively. And you can easily assign group access permissions to those libraries for controlled viewing and download.

AI Face Tagging

Mediagraph allow you to easily train our AI Facial Recognition to find all photos of a particular person, even as the person ages. Set a yearbook photo or other portrait as teh training image, and you are off to the races. Have Mediagraph look through tens of thousands of photos to find other photos of the same person. Great for alumni relations, Development, Advancement and Communications. See it in action here.

Browsable tag tree

TBH, we have the best taxonomy tree in the business, allowing you to easily create, refine and grow a taxonomy specific to your institution. You can showcase the most important people, places, ideas, and events in an intuitive, browsable form.

Even better, the taxonomy tree supports drag-and-drop tagging so that anyone on your admin team can create robust, compliant metadata quickly and easily.

Save time with Event presets

The school year has a lot of scheduled events that can take advantage of our unique “Event” tagging. Your library administrators can create a tag for the scheduled events for a school year, including plenty of filterable information. You can add dates, place names, featured organizations, featured people, keywords, and even web links. All of this information can be seamlessly applied to files uploaded and tagged with the event name. Save yourself a mountain of keywording, and get rich, robust metadata simultaneously.

Share account with other departments

When other departments see a good DAM, one of the first questions is, “can I store my stuff for my users too?” With most DAMs, the answer is no. They are simply not set up to support multiple departments. The back end is like an unlocked office, and it’s just too dangerous to let other people have a key.

Mediagraph was designed to allow you to share your account with other departments. With every account, you can add an unlimited number of other departments at no additional per-department charge. Each of our three levels of account provides increasing autonomy to the other departments. So when the Office of the Dean, the Development Office, or Alumni Affairs asks for a space in the account, you can now say “Yes!”

Feature Spotlight – Crowdsourcing (with guardrails)

Educational organizations must meet their students where they live, including through social media. But keeping the velocity and authenticity needed to stay relevant on these platforms is a tall order. Mediagraph can collect crowdsourced media from staff, students, and other stakeholders. And we can do it without making a mess of your account.

You can create upload pipelines that are targeted and specific or open to the entire organization. You can put rules around who can upload, what rights are conveyed, and what kind of tagging must happen to complete the upload. And you can create workflow pipelines inside the system for routing and approvals. Allow desired content to flow smoothly while unwanted material stays out of view.

Feature Spotlight – Lightroom integration

Many school photo offices have one or more photographers on staff, and they commonly use Lightroom Classic to manage the collections. And it’s also common for the collection manager to want a Lightroom-like experience for the end users. Mediagraph offers a great “Lightroom library for my institution” experience.

  • Our user interface is very easy for Lightroom Classic users to learn; we even use many of the same keyboard shortcuts.
  • We are compatible with all the metadata you can create and export from Lightroom.
  • You can even export a keyword list from Lightroom and import it into Mediagraph.
  • We can display raw DNG files edited in Lightroom with the Lightroom settings.

We’ve used Mediagraph now for nearly two years, and I’d rank it among the best options in the industry today. The team’s responsiveness has been superb — working with them truly feels like a high-quality, concierge experience, and it’s clear every member of their team cares deeply about the work we do and our needs.

- Bernard Wilchusky Jr. - Director of Multimedia, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

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