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November '23 - Face Recognition and Special Offer

Peter Krogh
Thu Nov 02 2023

November brings a wonderful new Artificial Intelligence tool, and a special offer that runs through the end of the calendar year.

Face Tagging

Mediagraph AI now includes facial recognition. You can easily train Mediagraph to recognize people in your account and automatically tag photos that include the person.

Mediagraph's implementation is unique among DAM applications because it integrates with the existing Person Tags feature. Person Tags can be applied to any file in the system, including documents, web links, videos, and photos that don't contain faces. This provides a comprehensive way to build knowledge about a person.

The integration of Face Tags with Person Tags allows you to automatically find and tag nearly every photo of that person.

Keyword Merging

With the addition of Face Tagging, Mediagraph has also introduced an improved keyword merging tool. Media collections often have tagging discrepancies due to multiple users or common tagging mistakes like singular/plural forms, misspellings, synonyms, and different naming conventions.

Since Face Tagging requires Mediagraph to learn what a person looks like, we’ve made it easy to consolidate these variations. Here’s how it works: select the term you wish to replace, click the Merge button found in the information overlay, and then choose the primary term you want to retain. During this process, you have the option to either keep the alternative term as a synonym or have it deleted automatically.

We recommend deleting one of the terms if they are simply singular/plural variations, as Mediagraph already employs keyword stemming (for instance, searching for "cats" will retrieve results for both "cat" and "cats"). However, if the terms are distinctly different but both have relevance, retaining the less preferred term as a synonym may be beneficial (for example, Alyson Krogh versus Alyson Hookway).

Here's a quick video showing how the merging works.

Introducing Our New "Essential-AI" Plan

As we build out our AI features, we've changed our plan configurations. MediagraphAI features (AI keywords, Face Tagging, OCR, video transcription and Sensitive Content Warnings) are all included in the new "Essential-AI" plan and higher.

Once the special offer below expires, AI features will no longer be included as part of new Essential plan accounts.

Current customers note: All current Essential plan clients will keep their AI features, including the new facial recognition, as a thank you for being a valued customer.

Limited-Time Promotion

We're excited to offer a special grace period for those who have been interacting with us but haven't created a Mediagraph account yet. During this period, you'll have the opportunity to experience Mediagraph's AI features by signing up for any of our budget-friendly Essential Plans.

Here's what you need to know to get started:

  • Offer Deadline: Activate your paid account by 12/31/2023 at any Essential Plan level.
  • Continued Access: This access to AI features will persist with uninterrupted service as long as the subscription remains active and payment is made on time.

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