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DAM for Cultural Heritage

Preserve tangible legacy assets for future generations.

Digital access for enhanced engagement

Increased digital experiences are an important trend for cultural heritage organizations. This trend began before the pandemic and continues to gain traction. However, it’s common for cultural heritage software to be several generations old with a user interface that feels old and overly complicated. Additionally, many existing cultural heritage applications fall short in some crucial areas of integration. Modern standards for metadata interchange are frequently missing, as is API integration. The tools designed for controlled access by institution staff were not designed for widespread access.

A full repository

Mediagraph can provide services for cultural heritage institutions of all sizes. We support extensive collections in multiple formats, and we support taxonomies with robust contextual tools. In addition, our network of internal and external links allows your stakeholders to discover.

Enhance your current system capabilities

We know that the cultural heritage world can move slowly. And we also understand that the investment of time, effort, and institutional practice makes system migration a slow process. If your current system has limitations you want to address, we can help fill those gaps at a fraction of the cost of complete system migration. These gaps could include integrating other applications, taxonomy/folksonomy enhancements, embedded metadata management, and group-based access. Stakeholder capabilities and engagement We can also provide you with stakeholder engagement tools. We are designed for end-user curation, letting your staff, associates, and visitors interact with the material for fun or research. We can even enable and crowdsource submissions of media and metadata for further engagement.

Full-features trials, scalable cost

Unlike most cultural heritage software, we allow you to try Mediagraph for free without a high-pressure sales process, endless meetings, or undefined buzzwords. Instead, you can look at the capabilities of a modern, forward-looking collection management system. Furthermore, if you’re a small institution, no other application with our Enterprise-grade capabilities starts at $1,200/year.

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