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Mediagraph + Lightroom Desktop

Mediagraph now integrates with Adobe Lightroom Desktop, the cloud-based version of its popular digital photography software. (Note that Mediagraph also integrates with Adobe Lightroom Classic, as outlined on this page).
The Lightroom Desktop integration creates several new workflows for Mediagraph customers.

  • Lightroom integration brings first-class raw image processing to Mediagraph. Process files and replace the old version.
  • Mediagraph users can send files directly to Lightroom without needing to download.
  • Lightroom users can also upload files directly to Mediagraph from inside Lightroom Connections.

Mediagraph allows any user in the system to connect their existing Lightroom account to Mediagraph. Once the account is connected, Lightboxes can be shared with Lightroom for two-way workflow.

Raw image workflow

Until now, no true enterprise DAM offered a Lightroom-driven processing workflow. Our new capability allows upload of any type of raw image file into Mediagraph. Files can be sent out to Lightroom for processing, and round-tripped back to Mediagraph as the current version of the file.

This processing workflow allows Mediagraph staff to collect raw, JPEG, HEIC and other image files from many different accounts. The files can be selected in a unified workflow, and quickly sent over to Lightroom for image processing.

Lightroom's powerful image editing tools including perspective control, Artificial Intelligence selection and editing, masking, retouching and fantastic color controls are all available with a couple clicks.

Upload Directly from Lightroom

The new Lightroom Connection simplifies the process of sending files from your Lightroom account to your Mediagraph account. The connection is quick and easy to create as long as you have upload privileges in Meidagraph.

Universities, companies and non-profits can collect rich media from their staff and stakeholders more quickly and easily than ever.

Download directly to your Lightroom account

Any Mediagraph user can now download files directly into their Lightroom account. This allows you to quickly crop or retouch files that you want to use elsewhere.

Take it for a spin

Connecting to Lightroom is easy. Here are the steps.

  1. Open Lightroom or your Adobe account in your web browser and make sure you are signed in.
  2. In your Mediagraph account, go to Profile Settings.
  3. Select "Connect Lightroom."
  4. Open Lightroom Desktop, and open All Photos and then open Connections. Hit the + and make sure the Mediagraph has been added. You may need to add it here withe the "Add Connection" button.
  5. Now when you open a Lightbox, you will see the Lightroom Connection in the right-hand panel. Click "Create Lightroom Connection.
  6. Choose your desired options.

For more tips on connecting Lightroom, check out the Help material in Mediagraph.

Note that there is no additional fee required to allow connections to Lightroom beyond the normal charge for the Mediagraph account and your Lightroom subscription.

Workflow demonstration

Shown below is a Mediagraph and Lightroom workflow demonstration.

integrations imageintegrations image

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