Adobe Lightroom Classic Plug-in

Built for staff photographers using Lightroom Classic

Many corporate and institutional photographers use Lightroom Classic for workflow and image management.

And they are frustrated by the lack of whole-company access to their Lightroom libraries. Our Mediagraph plugin now fills that missing link with seamless integration. One or more Lightroom Classic catalogs can be directly integrated into a Mediagraph account. You can now give your whole organization access to a Lightroom-like library.

A natural extension of your Lightroom library

Lightroom Classic users will be quick to see that our user interface is inspired by Lightroom. The panels for file storage and library collections look a lot like Lightroom. We can even replicate a Lightroom keyword hierarchy. But we are designed as a true multi-user application on every level. Make the dream come true - a Lightroom library for the entire company.

Integration features

Our plugin allows Lightroom and Mediagraph to work well together. Here are some of the things you can do with our integration:

  • Connect one or more Lightroom Classic catalogs to a Mediagraph account.
  • Manage file conversion and upload from within Lightroom.
  • Send all Lightroom metadata to Mediagraph, even for videos.
  • Send Mediagraph metadata back to the Lightroom catalog.
  • Request image optimization in Mediagraph, and send the request to Lightroom.
  • Upload modified images to Mediagraph as new versions of the original file, preserving metadata, curation and linkage.
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