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May '23 Feature Update

Peter Krogh
Thu May 04 2023

We've been hoarding some big improvements to Mediagraph that delivered over the last few months. Taken together, there is a lot of great new functionality. Here is a list of some of the improvements, followed by explanations of how they work.

Workflow Improvements

  • Lightroom integration
  • Improved folder structure for Lightbox upload
  • Folder tree preservation in Workflows
  • Approval widgets now available in Folders and Collections
  • Custom crops per account

Search Enhancements

  • Taxonomy Description Search
  • Improved filename search


  • French language interface
  • 3-D object support

Lightroom integration

Mediagraph now has seamless integration with Adobe Lightroom Cloud. This brings first-class image processing and true raw file workflow to Enterprise DAM. Check out this blog post to know more.

This 10 minute video outlines how to connect and use the Lightroom integration.

Improved folder structure for Lightbox upload

We have improved the way we store files that are uploaded through Lightboxes. Previously, we added all Lightbox uploads from a particular user to a single folder. We now create a subfolder for each Lightbox, helping Content Mangers further organize the material. Additionally, when files are uploaded as a folder tree, we preserve that tree in the File vault.

Folder tree preservation in Workflows

Workflows can now be applied to subfolders. This lets you, for instance, automatically replicate the hierarchy in a watched folder as it is duplicated to a Collection or Lightbox.

Approval widgets now available in Folders and Collections

Previously, the Approval Workflow widget was only available in Lightboxes. It is now possible the do the approval step inside a Folder or a Collection. This simplifies the creation of approval workflows.

Custom crops per account

It is now possible to create custom crops in your site settings. These crops become an option when downloading images. They can also be accessed in the Image Editor so that you can make a custom crop to a file. This is very useful if you have a cropped format that you need to fill on an ongoing basis.

Taxonomy Description Search

We are now indexing the description of any taxonomy term in the Tag Tree search box. This allows for even greater discovery of relationships between people, events, keywords, and other characteristics. The best way to explain it is to take a look at the video below.

Improved filename search

We have made it easier to search on multiple filenames. You can type or paste in a selection of filenames separated by either spaces or commas. Once you have entered the names, use the new dropdown to change the search to "or". This will return all files with any of the filenames.

French language interface

We are now multi-lingual! Our first additional interface language is French, but it will be followed by others at our clients' request. You can find the switch at the top right of our interface.

3-D object support

We now support the display of some 3D image formats, including .glb and .gltf formats, as shown below.

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