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Big News! Raw processing workflow!

Peter Krogh
Fri Apr 28 2023

Lightroom + Enterprise DAM

Mediagraph breaks ground again. We are the first enterprise DAM application that includes an integrated raw image workflow powered by Adobe Lightroom. This is a game changer for busy communications offices who need to work with raw image files for timely publication. It ushers in a new era for camera-to-cloud workflow. And it lets our clients improve the look of any files coming out of their offices.

Raw images are the format of choice for high-quality photography, offering the best ability to color-correct and properly tone an image. Until now, Enterprise DAMs had to be content with using a knock-off image processor, or with building a clunky download/upload workflow that was hard to manage.

Round-trip raw files to Lightroom

Our Lightroom Desktop integration allows any Mediagraph user to connect their Lightroom account directly to Mediagraph. This can enable a seamless round-trip of raw files through Lightroom's excellent processing engine, returning as an optimized version of the raw photo. In addition to color and tonal correction, this can include perspective control, dust removal, cloning, lens correction, and some really powerful AI editing tools.

When paired with direct camera upload (camera-to-cloud), Lightroom integration can allow ultra fast workflow. Photographers can upload files directly from camera using SFTP - either selected files or whole shoots - for remote selection and editing.

Not just for raw files

Of course, this workflow is not just confined to raw images. Lightroom does a great job improving all formats of images, so every image coming out of your communications office can look great.

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