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American SkiBike Association

Raising awareness of a cool sport.

A new take on mountain sports

Skibiking is a relatively new sport that is being offered at resorts across the country. It's fun, easy to learn, and accessible to people with knee issues. The American SkiBike Association’s mission is to bring this exciting sport to the masses the same way snowboarding did decades earlier. Videos and photos are critical to get newbies on board.

“We have so many images that appear similar (it’s people heavily dressed and in the snow), and we need a quick way to find people, venues, manufacturers, and events.”

Sherry Rawls-Bryce - Board Member, Treasurer and Social Media Chair,  American Ski Bike Association

Escape from Dropbox

Our old system let us store files, but did not give us enough control over sharing. And it didn't give us a good way to tag and search by content. Photos and videos were piling up and becoming harder to find.

Easy tagging

Mediagraph lets us tag the files for important content, like the resort name, person shown, equipment, or event name. We can do this by drag and drop to an ever-expanding list of tags, Once we've added the tags, finding files is a breeze using the search bar or the tag tree.
We can also tag for the usage rights we have for images and video, so nothing gets published that we don't have the rights to.

Find by location

The GPS feature enables us to go to the map first, then find photos and videos from the ski slope as we plan the next event. If they come in with GPS tags, we see them on the map automatically. And if not, we can easily add tags by drag and drop.

Share with partners and vendors

We need to make files available to our partners, sponsors and vendors. Mediagraph makes it easy to share securely, and to keep track of what's been shared. All of this is controlled by a great permission system that lets us view each person's access to the media.


We can now offer public uploads to our members - they can send photos and videos to us right from the lift, giving us immediate access to material for our social media.

Not just for photos and video

In addition to promotional material, we also use Mediagraph for documents. We now have a great place to store contracts, flyers, brochures and more. And our board members have a dedicated partitioned place for branding material, board meeting minutes, manufacturer deals, contracts, etc.

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