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Introducing Mediagraph

Erika Nortemann
Wed May 04 2022

We are thrilled to announce that Tandem Vault 3 (TV3) is now MediaGraph, signifying our expanded vision of media’s role in organizations, institutions and companies alike.

Visual media–along with all the data it represents–has become essential in every aspect of our daily lives. DAM software must move beyond secure storage - the vault - and become a platform for knowledge and communication which serves the entire organization.

The word graph is meant to evoke the social graph - the web of complex relationships underpinning social media. MediaGraph puts the power of this knowledge and connectivity in the hands of our client organizations, rather than in social media companies.

MediaGraph also evokes a new understanding of media itself. Beyond the standalone photograph, video, audio or document, we have entered the age of rich media. Multiple media types, data, linkage and connectivity have all become inherent components of our smartphone-based communication. We redesigned our system with multifaceted media in mind. It’s no longer enough to represent a photograph or video as a box of colored dots. We support data and connectivity on the most fundamental level.

We provide DAM capabilities to serve the entire organization, including navigation and discovery tools that are not found in any other DAM. These capabilities are essential as the mission of DAM software spreads outward from marketing and production departments. (Of course, enhanced discovery and context also help marketing and production teams do their jobs more efficiently).

We look forward to helping you build your organization's own media graph, for all phases of your operations.

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