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November '22 Features Update

Peter Krogh
Wed Dec 07 2022

November brings another tasty batch of usability improvements from our roadmap items. This includes custom branding colors, Entity view, products in the tag tree, custom poster images for all non-image files, and access notifications. We have also enabled individual users to turn off video autoplay to save bandwidth.

Branding colors
You can now customize the front page and header colors of your MediaGraph account to match your organization’s branding. You have control over the header and front page background color, the type color in the header, and the highlight color. All of this adjusts dynamically, so you can preview the result before saving the changes.

Custom thumbnails for video and other file types
It’s now possible to set a custom thumbnail for videos and other non-image file types. For videos, you can either choose a frame from the video or upload a separate image file. For other non-image file types, you can only upload a file.

"Entity" view
We’ve enhanced the ability to discover and learn about the items shown in the tag tree. When you click on the item name, you are now taken to an “Entity View”, where the clicked item becomes front and center in the workspace.
• All items with the tag are shown underneath.
• If a description is present, it is shown prominently.
• Links that are assigned to the item are shown.
• And the 50 most commonly-used tags attached to the files will show up across the top. These tags can be filtered by type, so you can, for instance, filter for the people who are tagging in the same files as the selected entity.

Poster Image for Tag Tree items
As part of the Entity view, we have enabled a poster image for any item in the tag tree, whether it’s a keyword, person, event, or product. This may be an “official” image, like the authorized photo of a CEO, or the poster for an event, or it could just be something that helps your members to better understand what this entity is. You set the poster image in the tag tree info popover.

Products are now taxonomy items.
We’ve added the ability to add products to your taxonomy and to mark the product with a shopping cart icon automatically. Organize your products in ways that make them easy to find and understand. As with all taxonomy items, you can add a description, web links, and synonyms. Products also can display the SKU and GTIN directly in the info overlay.

Download access notification
When your members try to download files they don’t have permission to download; we will now tell them when there are restrictions on the file(s). This gets tricky since a member may try to download files with different download permissions. Some files may be available in original form, some may be available as small files, and some may not allow download at all. We will now show the member a count of which files are available at a particular quality level.

Over the next month, we will continue to improve this user experience to clarify which files have restrictions and to allow users to request more access if they need it.

Turn off video thumbnail autoplay
Video autoplay is a great way to quickly review the content of a set of video clips. But some of your members may have limited bandwidth, and want to disable this feature. You can now switch autoplay off in the View Options menu.

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