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Mediagraph now integrates with Lightroom Classic

Peter Krogh
Fri Dec 31 2021

December update!

We're sneaking this one in under the wire. It's been a great year for Mediagraph, and we've got one more major improvement to announce: our Lightroom Classic integration. Our Publish Services plugin provides the best multi-user DAM integration for Lightroom Classic, bar none. This is an important development for anyone managing an organization’s image library with Lightroom Classic. For the first time, it’s now possible to integrate one or more Lightroom Catalogs with a permission-based cloud library, built for organization-wide access.

Lightroom is the undisputed champion for image processing plus file management. It has changed photo collection management for millions of photographers. It has fabulous image optimization tools, along with a highly capable Library module. Lightroom Classic allows you to classify and manage hundreds of thousands of photos and videos. And there is an ever-increasing capability to share with friends and family. But there has been no two-way integration with a DAM that can serve an entire company. Until now.

A New Era for Institutional Lightroom Users

Mediagraph’s integration with Lightroom’s Publish Services fills a frustrating gap in the Lightroom ecosystem. Mediagraph offers a lightroom-like library interface that is designed for organization-wide usage. You can feed a Mediagraph account from multiple Lightroom catalogs, creating a single master online repository. Lightroom manages the initial tagging, file conversion, and upload processes. Mediagraph provides company-wide standardization and permission-controlled access.

Best of all, our plugin allows you to create a persistent connection between the Lightroom catalog and the files sitting on Mediagraph. Metadata created in Mediagraph can flow back to the catalog and be attached to the original file. As you optimize files in Lightroom, the improved version can automatically replace the file on Mediagraph with a new version. You can even make an optimization request in the Mediagraph interface, and send the request back down to Lightroom.

Mediagraph supports the import of Lightroom keyword trees, allowing your content to be more discoverable than any other DAM. And we have drag-and-drop tagging to the keyword trees, just like in Lightroom. This allows for rapid, error-free tagging - even when your keyword list includes thousands of terms. Lightroom users will be comfortable with our user interface, which is similar to the Lightroom Library module.


Here’s a partial list of the capabilities of the Mediagraph Lightroom Classic plugin:

  • Use Lightroom to manage the upload process
  • Customize format, size, and file naming settings
  • Select custom format settings per folder
  • Automatically transfer Lightroom metadata to Mediagraph for both photos and videos
  • Sync selected metadata from Mediagraph back to Lightroom, including captions, headlines, usage rights, GPS coordinates, keywords, and more
  • Connect multiple catalogs to a single Mediagraph account
  • Connect a single Lightroom catalog to multiple Mediagraph accounts
  • Optimization request workflow
  • Duplicate Upload protection
  • Import Lightroom Taxonomy to Mediagraph
  • Support for proper rendering for DNG file

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