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Mediagraph is live!

Peter Krogh
Fri May 14 2021

After a full application redesign, and an extended beta period, we have now officially launched MediaGraph's newest version, MediaGraph. We’re really excited about what we’ve built, and how it adds some great innovation to the DAM space.

Reducing friction

MediaGraph addresses some of the most frustrating issues in DAM world: We have transparent pricing. We’ve done away with expensive startup costs, and brought app-like experience to enterprise software. We put the power to configure and refine your setup where it belongs - in the hands of the collection manager. We’ve also built the application to scale up, so it’s possible to start at modest cost and grow as big as you need.

A whole-organization approach

We’re most excited by the forward facing elements of the application. We have designed MediaGraph from the ground up to serve the entire organization, not just the marketing department. Photos, videos, documents and data are created and used by every part of an organization. We’ve been planning for this at every step of development.

A Private “Graph”

We’ve also designed MediaGraph to support tremendous connectivity and context. As a society, we’ve become accustomed to visual media creating a nexus between people, events, entities and ideas. We think this should be available without giving all your rights to a social media company. So we’ve created a platform where you can store your own graph data, in service of the organization.

And all the other stuff

Of course, we’ve also added all the good stuff you expect from a great DAM application: lightboxes with comment threads, easy sharing, group permissions, transcoding and watermarking, image markup, workflow management, and the best rights manager in the business, to name a few.

If your organization is in the market for a great platform for asset management and collaboration, drop us a line for an online demo, or take a starter account for a spin.
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Photo by Elisha Terada on Unsplash

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