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May '22 Features Update

Peter Krogh
Thu May 26 2022

Last month we announced our rebrand to MediaGraph. This month, we're back to building new features.. We have increased our support for Microsoft Office files, and enhanced our reporting. Read on for details

Enhanced Office Support

We now support an array for MS Office filetypes, including doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, and CSV. In this case support means that we generate a thumbnail in the grid view, and that you can page through the entire document in the asset view. All text in these documents is indexed for search, and the results are shown when you type a simple search in the search bar. For more granular search, you can use Proximity search in the Filter Panel, and find all documents where a pair of words are within x distance of each other. This can help narrow down a search to just the most relevant terms. (Note, Proximity Search also works for the caption/description of any file, as well as the video transcript.)
We also support HTML and HTM files in the same way.

PDF Support

PDF is now natively supported, with the same viewer that shows you office files. Page through PDFs, search, and display thumbnails. You can control the display size, and view attachments and bookmarks. You can also select text in the document and copy to the clipboard. we have tested this with heavily illustrated documents up to 525 pages in length. Document search is snappy, and thumbnail display goes reasonably quickly even for large documents.

Enhanced Reporting

We have added some new reporting to the site (with more to come soon.) In this round, we added more information about your storage, popularity indicators, a list of all downloads, and a listing of all "Share Links". For most of these, you have a lot of flexibility in how you sort and filter the shown files.

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