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March '22 Features Update

Peter Krogh
Wed Mar 30 2022

We have continued our streak of feature rollout for March with a set of smaller improvements that fulfill our original roadmap. This includes crowdsourcing capabilities, workflow improvements, and new documentation. Here they are.

Public Uploads

It’s now possible to allow for anonymous public uploads to the site. To enable, go to Manage>Groups>Public>Edit and enable contributions. This will place an upload in the top navigation bar, that any visitor to the site can use. As with other Group-based uploads, you can specify what you want uploaded, as well as metadata requirements for the upload.

Allow anyone (even people who are not logged in) to upload files to your MediaGraph account.

Duplicate Collections to Lightboxes

We’ve added a great new feature for member workflow. It’s now possible to duplicate an entire Collection tree to your own lightbox. This allows any member with access to the Collection to curate their own personal version of the material. Start with the existing Collection tree, and reorganize as you see fit. Rearrange material, add new files, or remove unwanted files. It’s also a great tool for collaboration with people inside and outside the organization.

We now support the automatic creation of Lightboxes that are duplicates of and entire collection or collection tree.

Domain Name auto-approve

We’ve just added a quick and easy way to open your MediaGraph account up to your entire organization, without having to implement Single Sign-On (SSO). Account Administrators can now allow anyone with a specific domain name in their email address to automatically join the account, without requiring approval. This will encourage user adoption, and reduce administrative load.

Once the domain has been listed, the Access Request process does the work automatically. After requesting access, and specifying an approved domain name, a verification email is sent to that address. The person requesting just has to click on the email link, and choose a name and password. And then they are in!

Use in conjunction with Auto Join Groups

The auto-approve works nicely with auto-join in the Group membership control. You can set up a specific collection for all employees (for instance) to join once they are added to the MediaGraph account. This can provide a tailored user experience for company employees automatically.

We also support SSO on our Multi-department and Enterprise plan levels. You may decide this is a better option if your company IT supports SSO.

You can now add all people with a specific email domain to a particular group.

New Documentation

We’ve been hard at work over the last few months building new documentation for the site. The Knowledge Base is nearly finished, and provides a comprehensive look at all the MediaGraph features.

The Getting Started Guides are clear, easy to read PDF documents that help you understand how to get your MediaGraph account up and running, and how to make use of the features.

You can find the links to the Knowledge Base and Getting Started Guides in the Help menu. For those who do not yet have a MediaGraph account, you can find the Getting Started Guides here.

The Knowledge Base provides comprehensive documentation of MediaGraph features.

Bynder Migration Tool

We have now created a migration tool for Bynder accounts (like the one we have for Photoshelter for Brands). We have the ability to recreate all collections that are currently in Bynder, and to replicate all the Bynder “metaproperties.” If you are frustrated by Bynder’s poor navigation and antiquated metadata capabilities, give us a shout.

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