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June '21 Features Update

Peter Krogh
Thu Jul 15 2021

Photo by Christopher Burns on Unsplash

Even though we just launched (and did so with a great set of features), we have not slowed down our development. Some client requests aligned with our roadmap, so June turned into a big month for feature implementation. We’re pleased to tell you about them here.

Video transcription, search, and clipping

The biggest new feature set revolves around video capability. There are several components here that allow you to get even more value out of your video content, and to save a lot of time in the process. The new features include automatic transcription, search (including word proximity search) and video clipping.

Machine Learning at work

There are a lot of promises around Machine Learning, but much of that is smoke and mirrors. One thing that does work pretty well -- and is also quite useful -- is the ability to automatically transcribe video content. Turning spoken words in a video to searchable text allows you to easily find the content you're looking for. You can easily search for a word or phrase and see each time it appears in the transcript. Clicking on the transcript moves the playhead to that point.

The creation of the transcript also allows us to create closed captions for the video, which is a switchable setting.

Proximity search

In addition to a simple search, we have also added proximity search. This allows you to find videos where two words are within a certain distance of each other in the word count. This allows you to find videos where the two concepts exist, and then narrow the results to places where the words are very close to each other.

Video clipping

Going hand-in-hand with video search, Mediagraph now offers the ability for any user with download permission to make a clip and download a portion of a video. Simply set your start and end points, and clip away! If you have upload permission on the account, you can save the clip as a new video file.


We have added a couple features that will allow you to more efficiently tag and discover files from scheduled or past events.

The IPTC Event Shown tag has been around for some time. While it allows you to add an event name to a file’s metadata, it does not allow you to add information that can describe the event, such as location, date, related keywords, or featured organization. Our new Event Object includes these fields and adds them to your files with a single click.

We have also added the ability to enrich the Event Object with web links (just like we do with People tags and general keywords). So you can attach announcement websites, external video links, newspaper articles, or any other links that help to describe the event.

Events can be added to the tag tree in any part of the hierarchy. As such, content managers can add the tags to any appropriate files with a simple drag and drop. The event tag is also available during any general upload so that it can be easily applied as files are added to the account.

The video below outlines these new Event Object properties.

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