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Headed to OnDAM Paris

Peter Krogh
Thu Nov 17 2022

MediaGraph is please to announce that we will have a presence at the newest DAM conference, OnDAM Paris 2022, November 29 and 30. OnDAM takes a highly user-centric view, and is sponsored by Activo, the French DAM consultancy. Until now, there was really only one game in town, the Henry Stewart DAM conferences. And while they draw a significant presence from the DAM community, it can feel a bit too vendor-centric, sometimes catering to the high-dollar sponsors in favor of best practices.

We like the approach that Activo takes, and are glad to support the event. They are deeply immersed in DAM as practitioners, and take a whole-of-ecosystem approach. We are working to increase our European footprint, and this is a good opportunity to reach out to the community. If you are at the conference, please find us and say hello.

Et oui, j'espère retrouver mon français, au moins un peu.

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