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June '23 - Date Tree and Filter Groups and more

Peter Krogh
Fri Jun 30 2023

Mediagraph has implemented the best-in-class date discovery for Enterprise DAMs.

Find files by day, month, or year

Creation dates are now displayed in a tree form, which can be used to filter any set of files. The tree tells users how many files they have access to from any particular year, month or day. Clicking on the date will show the files with that date.

Assign Dates to Scanned Files

In addition to providing date information and filter functionality, the date tree can be used to override an incorrect date. This is particularly useful for scanned images which typically show the date of scanning as the creation date.
To assign a corrected date, simply drag one or more files on to the desired date.

Supports Circa Dates

Mediagraph breaks new ground in being the only Enterprise DAM that supports truncated dates with IPTC-compatible embedded metadata.

You can assign an exact date if you like, but you can also assign just the year or year and month if the exact date is not known.

As with the date assignment, this can be done by drag and drop.

Filter by date range

If you want a more granular filter, you can also use the filter box at the top of the window. This allows you to narrow down the time range to specific hours in a day. You can also use the filter box to specify a date range, such as three consecutive days.

Take a look at the video below to see how easy it is to use this powerful new tool.

Filter Groups

Account administrators now have control over the organization and access to filters inside the Filter Panel. The filters have been divided into three default groups, Essential, Advanced and Admin. But the account Administrators can organize them any what that suits the needs of the organization. Change the order, make different groupings, and control which filters can be seen by different classes of users.

Support for Multiple Artboards in Adobe Illustrator Files

We now natively support multiple artboards in Adobe Illustrator files. When the files are uploaded, the individual artboards are parsed out into pages in the Asset Detail view, so you can see what's included in the file without having to download.

Self-serve Taxonomy Export

We now have an admin-accessible way to export your entire taxonomy tree as a tabbed file. Use this to work on and reimport, or to import into another application.

Set default Landing page

Accounts that take advantage of our permission-based Featured Collections have been asking for the ability to send new users to the front page, where featured content is really easy to find. You can now make a setting on an account-wide basis.

Default Sort Order

Previously, your main library view was initially set to show the most recently uploaded files first. You can now set a default sort order for the entire account. Of course, any visitor to your account still has the full range of on-the-fly sorting options.

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