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CI HUB Integration Released

Peter Krogh
Thu Aug 18 2022

Mediagraph has released its integration with CI HUB, the industry's leading connector for DAM and productivity applications alike. CI HUB allows Mediagraph to integrate directly with Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace, and several other applications. As a result, you can boost your productivity and ensure consistency across marketing, design, and production.

Adobe InDesign Connector

Integrate directly with Mediagraph from inside InDesign.

  • You can search for images, vectors, and fonts and drag them into your InDesign documents.
  • Upload local files directly to Mediagraph from inside InDesign.
  • Update embedded graphics with the newest versions.
  • Bundle finished InDesign documents and upload them to Mediagraph.
  • The uploaded package can include all linked files, PDF output, and a separate INDD document with a front-page poster image.
  • If you upload InDesign templates through CI HUB, they show in Mediagraph with a poster image for easy selection. In addition, when downloaded, they retain links to assets stored in Mediagraph.

Adobe Photoshop Connector

Search, download, upload, and manage versions directly inside Photoshop.

  • Find files in Mediagraph and open them directly in Photoshop.
  • Upload brand-new files from Photoshop to your chosen location in Mediagraph.
  • Save files back to Mediagraph as a new version of the original.
  • Find all files marked in Mediagraph with an Optimization Request.

This video shows some of the integration capabilities of Mediagraph and Photoshop.

Adobe Premiere Pro Connector

Integrate directly with Adobe Premiere Pro to turn Mediagraph into a cloud-based Media Asset Management (MAM) solution for video production.

  • Find clips in Mediagraph and download them to your Premiere media bin.
  • Upload clips right from Premiere to efficiently build a clip library.
  • Upload project files to Mediagraph.
  • Project files can be downloaded, and all links restored automatically.

This video shows a sample workflow between Mediagraph and Premiere Pro.

Google Workspaces Connector

Access Mediagraph directly inside Google Docs. Search and browse folders, collections, and lightboxes.

  • Integrates with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.
  • Open Word, Excel, PDF, and Powerpoint directly in Google without downloading to your computer.
  • Upload files directly to Mediagraph from the Google window.
  • Upload revisions of documents to become new versions.

This video demonstrates the integration between Mediagraph and Google Docs.

About CI HUB

CI HUB is an all-purpose ecosystem connecting media libraries and other sources to the applications you use daily. It provides browsable/searchable access to your DAM. Like Mediagraph, CI HUB is built by long-time industry leaders using the best frameworks. This allows them to iterate the software, adding features nearly every month.

CI HUB is available for Mediagraph's Multi-department and Enterprise plans. Their pricing is based per seat, per application.

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