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We Believe That Black Lives Matter

Erika Nortemann
Thu Jun 11 2020

CAPTION: Protestors kneel along th​e newly dedicated Black L​ives Matter Plaza in Wash​ington D.C. on Saturday, June​ 6, 2020. (Michael A. McC​oy/The New York Times/Redux)

To Our Readers:

We built our blog as a place to learn about visual language and media, but right now it’s important for us to pause and take note of the historical movement taking place at our doorstep. With offices in Los Angeles and Washington DC, Mediagraph’s staff members are deeply moved by the protests and demonstrations for Black Lives Matter. We have been horrified by the violence that spurred these protests, and hopeful that much of the country–and the world– has finally been galvanized into action.

Like so many others, we see it is our responsibility to be more than allies standing sympathetically on the sideline. We are individually showing our support for the movement through personal actions and financial contributions to supporting organizations, but we know this is not enough. As a company, we see a couple of opportunities where we can be active participants in positive change:

We are small, but we are poised for growth. When we are ready to make new hires, emphasis will be placed on diversity.

We also believe that our platform can help bring injustice to light. The response to the brutal killing of George Floyd has reached a tipping point–in large part due to the global community witnessing the events unfold on video. We believe that we can play a role in the collection and distribution of documented injustices, and we will make our platform available to organizations fighting for this cause.

If you are a part of such an organization, please drop us a line.

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