When I first conceptualized the idea behind the MediaGraph platform, it wasn’t to just create a powerful application, but to protect our creative content from the risks of failing hard drives and local servers. The big selling point was that the cloud offered security and another benefit that wasn’t as immediately apparent: decentralizing our content. 

The decentralization of content into the cloud within MediaGraph’s powerful, collaborative environment, liberated our stock agency Tandem Stills + Motion. It allowed our sales team, contributors and clients access our photos and videos from anywhere they could get an Internet connection. What I never could have imagined is that a decade later most of the world would become decentralized—forced to work from home due to a devastating pandemic, and that the need to access content remotely would be greater than ever before. 

If 2020 taught us anything, it is that the world—and its workforce—has been forever altered. A new paradigm is being created: a cultural shift where not only our online lives are decentralized, but we are decentralized. For many of us working in professional and creative services, this brings a vital truth: more than ever before, we require access to the visual content that drives our companies and jobs from the living room desks, kitchen tables and backyard picnic tables we new call “our office”.

MediaGraph provides a vital connection for us as we continue our migration to the home office.

Cloud applications such as Vault, are a critical tool to surviving the new economic challenges of a post-pandemic marketplace. They have helped those using their services seamlessly shift to the new world, a lifeline for those who have employed it. 

The work-from-home space will only continue to grow and evolve, and as such, our application continues to expand its collaborative tools to reflect these new realities. No one can anticipate the future, but we can prepare. We can stock up on the items we need, just like we can ensure that employees and clients have access to the information they need. Don’t wait until the last minute. Plan, prepare, implement. Elevate your company for the new future ahead.

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