Intuitive Workflow

MediaGraph adds flexible and intuitive workflow for your video projects. Preview clips in the thumbnail view, see clip length, and get info about the file in the overlay. You can select and add to Lightboxes for project workflow. 

Excellent format support

We support many different video formats, and are adding new ones all the time. Supported formats include: AVI, DV, GIF, FLV, M4V,  MP4, MKV, MOV, MPG, MTS, OGV, VOB, WEBM, and WMV, to name a few. And within each video file type, we support a broad range of frame sizes and codecs. (Bonus: if you have old Flash videos that you can’t play for security reasons, upload them to MediaGraph and we’ll transcode them to a safe MP4 version.)

Transcode and watermark

All videos are transcoded at the time of upload into three sizes of MP4 for widest possible compatibility. And a watermarked version of each size is also created, which you can make available for proofing purposes.

Permissioned access

MediaGraph allows you to set access controls for video according to a user’s group. Limit access to one of the smaller sizes, with or without the watermark. Or allow for full size viewing  and original file download.


We create a searchable transcript from all uploaded videos. This is factored into the general searchbox search, so you can find any videos containing a particular word or phrase. You can also jump to a particular word or phrase in the video player. You can even search for word proximity (find any videos where word 1 is within x words of word 2.)


We support multiple versions of your videos. If you revise a video, you can add the new version, and it will replace the old version in any collections or lightboxes, without destroying the old version.

Make clips in the player

Our video player supports clipping as part of the download process. If you need to download just a few minutes or a few seconds of a video instead of the entire thing, make the Clip before download.

Integrate with Adobe Premiere Pro (July 2022)

Our CI Hub integration allows you to search your MediGraph library right from the Premiere file browser. Add a video to your project with a simple drag onto the timeline. (Requires a per-seat CI Hub subscription in addition to the MediaGraph account).

Use all our tagging tools

You can use the many tools inside MediaGraph to tag video files for creator, project, rights, locations, people pictured, events and more.