DAM for Foundations

DAM for Foundations

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One Account for your and your supported organizations

Look through our other mission-driven pages, and you’ll see that our platform provides many valuable services for all kinds of organizations. These will be useful for a foundation’s communication, knowledge management, and engagement. But there is one feature that is particularly valuable for foundations: the inclusion of federated sub-accounts in the Enterprise account level.
With a MediaGraph Enterprise account, you get enhanced multi-department capabilities. This provides a full separation of user access, media files and taxonomies for specific stakeholder groups, while allowing oversight by the foundation.

Unlimited Federated Sub-accounts

The Enterprise/federation relationship allows you to provide separate sub-accounts for the client organizations you support. And each sub-account is a free addition to the Enterprise account, charging only for storage if it exceeds your full account allotment.
Federated Accounts allow you to provide enterprise-quality media management for the organizations you support, at a tiny fraction of the typical cost. These federated sub-accounts are under the control of the foundation, and can be co-managed by the client organizations themselves. This provides a real firewall between the organization’s access and your main account.

Split off if necessary

If the organizations you support move out from under your umbrella, they can take the account with them (if you give permission). They won’t have to start all over with another application, and they won’t be on the hook for a huge yearly fee since our Essential accounts start at a very affordable $1200/year.

Keep a record of your past work

One of the benefits of federated media management is your ability to keep a record of the work done during the client organization’s tenure with your foundation. We can provide a “frozen” copy of the federated account if they ever split off. This helps you have a more complete record of exactly what happened during their time as a grantee. It may also be useful in the event of legal disputes arising from media usage. You’ll have a durable record of any files submitted to the account, including submitter name and date, and any rights tagging or retagging that happened along the way.

Feature Spotlight – Rights Packages

MediaGraph has one of the most comprehensive and flexible rights tagging tools in the business. Creating a rights-tagged media collection is essential for smooth workflow, ownership clarity, liability limitation and access controls. Most DAM systems are built for professionally-produced marketing materials. That’s fine, as far as it goes, but it ignores important needs.

Mission-driven organizations frequently need to collect photos and videos that are produced by staff and stakeholders. And very few systems allow for the rights tagging that these files require. Worse, many systems or workflows may not have any provenance or metadata attached to a file, so determining rights and liability is simply impossible.

We built MediaGraph to enable rights tagging by staff and stakeholders upon upload. As the administrator of the account, it’s possible to restrict uploads to certain rights packages. And rights packages are filterable by status, so it’s possible to constrain a search to files with a particular usage agreement.

MediaGraph can do more than tag for rights. Because the rights packages are so robust, it can close the loop between the legal team and the media management team. Rights packages support many elements: a full legal contract, model releases, a user-friendly upload agreement, a statement of rights the organization owns, expiration date, and a filterable status (e.g., “Unlimited Usage”). And once created, rights packages can be assigned during upload by guided multiple choice, or in the library by drag-and-drop. Even better, the rights package synopsis is automatically embedded in the file during download, and can be accessed in both Mac and Windows operating systems.

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