CI Hub Integration

CI HUB Integration

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About CI HUB

CI HUB is an all-purpose “connector” application that integrates DAM systems with end-user software like Adobe Creative Cloud. It provides browsable/searchable access to your DAM. Like MediaGraph, CI HUB is built by long-time industry leaders using the best frameworks. This allows them to iterate the software quickly, adding features nearly every month.
Check out our integration pages for the following applications:
Adobe InDesign Connector
Adobe Photoshop Connector
Adobe Premiere Pro Connector
Google Workspace


CI HUB requires Account Integration, along with a per-seat Connector license for each desired application. The Account Integration is included in MediaGraph’s Multi-department and Enterprise plans and can be added to any Essential plan for an additional fee of $2,000.00 per year (Check out the special offer below).
The Connector license is charged by CI HUB per seat, per application, regardless of MediaGraph plan. You can find the application licensing fees here

Free Trial

All MediaGraph clients – CI HUB is offering a 30% discount on its per-seat application Connector license for all MediaGraph clients if you sign up through CI HUB by November 15, 2022. To take advantage of this discount:
1. Click the “Try now” button on the CI HUB website:

2. Make sure you select “MediaGraph” as the system to connect with:

3. If you have any questions about this process, please email us at [email protected].

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