October ’22 – Roadmap Bonanza

The last six weeks saw a host of usability improvements that will make your daily work more productive. We added discovery features like OCR, new filter capabilities, and some awesome selection tools. Productivity improvements include SFTP upload, bulk Folder/Collection moving, … Read More

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August Updates – CI HUB Integration Released

MediaGraph has released its integration with CI HUB, the industry’s leading connector for DAM and productivity applications alike. CI HUB allows MediaGraph to directly integrate with the Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace, and several other applications. As … Read More

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July updates – Embedded files and Lightboxes

We have several nice updates for you this July. Files and Lightboxes can now be embedded in blogs and other websites. Video thumbnails will now show clip duration, and will play with mouse-over. And Custom Metadata fields are now accessible … Read More

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May Features Update – Office docs, PDF support, and enhanced reporting

Last month we announced our rebrand to MediaGraph. This month, we’re back to building new features.. We have increased our support for Microsoft Office files, and enhanced our reporting. Read on for details Enhanced Office Support We now support an … Read More

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Introducing MediaGraph

We are thrilled to announce that Tandem Vault 3 (TV3) is now MediaGraph, signifying our expanded vision of media’s role in organizations, institutions and companies alike. Visual media–along with all the data it represents–has become essential in every aspect of … Read More

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March Feature Update – In like a lion, out like a bigger lion

We have continued our streak of feature rollout for March with a set of smaller improvements that fulfill our original roadmap. This includes crowdsourcing capabilities, workflow improvements, and new documentation. Here they are. Public Uploads It’s now possible to allow … Read More

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Sweet February Features: Auto tagging, Likes, & Workflow improvements

We released a number of sweet new MediaGraph features last month. This includes two new forms of Artificial Intelligence tagging, like/dislike buttons, auto-expiration for Lightbox shares, and improvements to our Workflows interface. Let’s dive in. Artificial Intelligence Tagging: Keywords and … Read More

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MediaGraph now integrates with Lightroom Classic

December update! We’re sneaking this one in under the wire. It’s been a great year for MediaGraph, and we’ve got one more major improvement to announce. The MediaGraph team is pleased to announce our Lightroom Classic integration. Our Publish Services … Read More

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November’s Cornucopia of New Features

MediaGraph continues to reap the advantages of flexible software architecture. We are able to create new features with unprecedented speed. Here’s a peek at the improvements we made to MediaGraph. If you want to take it for a spin, click … Read More

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