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Rights Packages

One of the most important components of a media collection is an effective usage rights workflow–a central feature to MediaGraph from the start. … Read More

Support for raw file workflow using DNG

MediaGraph 3 will allow raw image storage as DNG files, and they will now appear in your account with your adjustments when viewed or downloaded. … Read More

MediaGraph Sneak Peek: Social Media Workflow

In this video we show how MediaGraph can be used to request, gather, tag, curate and deploy images for your social media channels. … Read More

MediaGraph 3 Taxonomy

One of the many improvements in the newest version of our DAM solution MediaGraph 3 is the build-out of a best-in-class taxonomy tool. … Read More

WFH with MediaGraph

When I first conceptualized the idea behind the MediaGraph platform, it wasn’t to just create a powerful application, but to protect our creative content from the risks of failing hard drives and local servers. The big selling point was that the cloud … Read More