MediaGraph is pleased to announce that Peter Krogh has joined the company as Chief Product Officer, and is co-leading the design of the next generation of our software. Peter comes to us with a rich experience in every facet of media management, including great work in product management, thought leadership, international standards, authorship, and as a creative professional for more than 30 years.

Peter came to us from the client side. While working as the Acting Director of Digital Strategy for History Factory (a creative and archiving agency in Washington DC), Peter was responsible for selecting cloud services for the agency. After an extensive review of the competition, he selected MediaGraph. And when his tenure was over at History Factory, we asked him to help us with our software redesign. It was a great match, and we are very pleased that he has come aboard full time.

Peter brings a comprehensive approach to media usage, one that integrates the creative process, institutional needs, practical realities, and the increasing role of mobile communications. Our team is using this framework to design the next version of our service. We’re focused on ease of use, collaboration and scalability. We’re building new ways to customize our software to serve a broad range of needs.

Mobile technology has changed the way everyone works, and created a tremendous need to collect and distribute rich media – photos, videos, documents and the associated data. While we continue to be very mindful of the needs of traditional marketing and communications, we believe that a much broader scope of use is needed. And we don’t see solutions in the marketplace that are addressing this need well. But we’re working on it.

We’ve completed the design phase for the next version of MediaGraph, and we’re in active development. We’ll have something to show this summer. In the meantime, the rich functionality of the current software is available for our existing customers to depend on, and for new customers to try. 

We’re excited to move to this new age for MediaGraph, and look forward to putting it into your hands.

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