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The DAM Software Company, Inc. is a Los Angeles-based SaaS company that provides B2B cloud-based digital asset management solutions for small businesses and global non-profits alike.

Our Executive Team

Low angle shot of C, T, O, Nick Merwin, wearing a dark shirt and playing electric guitar amid plumes of pink and blue smoke.

Nick Merwin

Chief Technology Officer
Nick has deep experience building and running cloud services for enterprises over the last 20 years. He is also a literal rock star, playing guitar for the internationally-famous Capital Cities. He resides in Venice Beach, California with his girlfriend Tori, and their two fluffy bunnies.
Medium shot of C, E, O, Erika Nortemann, wearing a pink pullover as she stands with hands in pockets in front of a sheer rock face with a narrow waterfall cascading down the middle.

Erika Nortemann

Chief Executive Officer
Erika is a veteran photography industry professional with over a decade of digital asset management experience. Beginning her career in the National Geographic’s Image Collection, she honed her skills at The Nature Conservancy before becoming part of the executive team at Tandem Stills + Motion, Inc. and The DAM Software Company, Inc. When she isn’t running the business side of MediaGraph, she's adventuring outdoors and road-tripping around California and beyond with her partner and her dog.
Medium shot of C, P, O, Peter Krogh, in a black collared shirt looking directly at camera with a subtle smile. He sits among a group of people who stand around him as they look off screen.

Peter Krogh

Chief Product Officer
Peter Krogh has been a guiding light in the DAM world for nearly two decades, helping service providers, standards bodies, institutions and practitioners to understand and improve the craft of asset management. He has written six books on the subject, and given hundreds of DAM lectures and workshops around the world. He lives outside Washington DC with his wife Alyson. He is itching to get back on the road, spreading the gospel of effective media management and hunting tacos.

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